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      Realf suddenly seemed to shrink into himself. The next minute he was swaying unsteadily on his legs, refusing the hands held out to support him.CHAPTER XIX. THE FIRST SCRAPE

      "I will change the way things are," Marvor said. He spoke now more softly still. "Do you want to be a master?"

      "Why d?an't you speak to me, Rose?""Why not?" put in Ditch"he d?an't know naun about it. He's forgotten she ever wur his girl."

      "You came into the army to do just as I tell you, and you'll do it. Silence in the ranks," commanded Si. "Humphreys, stand next to Mackall. Scruggs, stand behind Humphreys."

      "Say that all again, Sergeant," asked Monty Scruggs.Harry Joslyn took the position of a soldier, with his gun at an order, his lips tightly closed, and his eyes fixed on the rebel position, as the spreading light developed it. Sandy Baker fidgeted about at one time tinkering with his gun and equipments, and then stopping half-way in the task he had started and falling into a fit of musing. Little Pete Skidmore wandered about, looking into Si's and Shorty's grave faces, and then into others equally solemn, and finding no comfort in any. It was the first time that he heard no joke or quip flash along the forming line to bring cheers or laughter.


      TO: Fred Ramsbotham


      When the congregation rose to sing Reuben held his head proudly and his shoulders square. He felt himself a match for any youngster.